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"My goal is to knock your socks off, I want to leave you with photos that you're obsessed with. I'm not just a photographer. I am a storyteller for the madly in Love!' 

Fun Facts about me:

I’m an artist and I worked my butt off to become a wedding photographer. It’s a rewarding and fulfilling career. But it’s only a part of who I am. I am a Mother of two amazing kids! I am in the works to becoming a holistic life coach. I am a spiritual being living in a 3 dimensional world! I am a curvy Puerto Rican that loves rice and beans, sarcasm, comedy, and making people laugh! 

I have two vibrant, tree hugging children, Amadeus & Azaria, whom fuel my soul daily 

Lover of food, good vibes, the beach, family yoga and treasure hunting at thrift stores

Not a fan of spiders and negative attitudes

Music that inspires my soul: Stevie Wonder, Amy Winehouse, Miles Davis, 

And, I can't get enough of Quantum physic and the magic of this Universe!

My approach, Each and every job I do, I give it my all.  Whether it's a small backyard wedding or a wedding at a luxurious resort. I love being there for my clients, not just as their photographer but as their friend. I always want my brides to feel like I'm one of their BFF's. This is not just a job for me. Im not going to take pictures from a shot list, I'm going to open my eyes and heart to all of the special moments of your big day. I absolutely love that I've become friends with most of my clients, photographing the milestones in their life is my dream. Being able to see them grow a family and follow their dreams is so fulfilling.

My history, I graduated from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale in 2006 with an Associates Degree in the Business and Science of photography. Throughout my college years I started photographing small weddings, assisting high end photographers to accelerate my craft and I've been in business ever since 2008. Photography has been a part of my life ever since I was a little girl. Going through all of my mom's photo albums as a child, fascinated me. Turning the pages of her 1970's photo albums  with black and whit photographs ignited my creative juices. 


 My goal is to tell the story of your day, from the morning preparations through the dance party. That means I’ll have my eyes open for all of  your wedding details, because they’re an important part of your story. And we’ll get all the “formal groups,” because I think everyone should have timeless family portraits. But as a photojournalist, my real passion is for moments. I love documenting all the emotions of the day – the joy, the laughter and even the tears.

Regardless of what kind of celebration you’re planning, I love working with couples that trust me and my approach to make their day a work of art. The most successful weddings I’ve photographed are memorable, not because of the venue or the details, but because I connected with my clients, and they trusted my vision and artistic ability.

When people ask me, "What do you do?" I say, "Whatever it takes!"

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