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Gorgeous Hilton Bentley Wedding

What can I say, Polina and Yanique have been an amazing couple to work with and their wedding was so much fun! It was held at the super chic Hilton Bentley in Miami Beach, Florida. They are such a special couple to me and I just love how much they love each other. You can totally see how much Yanique loves his bride. As a photographer I get to become the silent ninja at times and just observe and document the love, one of the best parts of that is being able to witness the love a groom gives to his bride. When he just stares at her with love and admiration, its the sweetest thing to see!! Polina looked absolutely gorgeous in her beautiful gown, don't get me started on her bouquet!!! She had some show stopping florals on her wedding day! I had the best time photographing all of their big days' details. I wish nothing but the best for this fantastic couple! Thank you and Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Polina and Yanique Rutty!!

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