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Kris & Carl's Beautiful wedding at The Cheeca Lodge & Spa in Isla Morada, FL

A huge congratulations to Kristine and Carl for tying the knot. They have been the sweetest! I really enjoyed every moment of their wedding, even the rain!

After doing their engagement session in 2017, I was super excited for their wedding day in the Keys. The weekend of their wedding finally arrived and guess what also arrived, a super duper rain storm that didn't let up for days. So as I'm traveling down to the Cheeca Lodge & Spa in Isla Morada, FL I am praying that the rain goes away. I wanted to so badly take beautiful photos of them on the beach. Kris and I had discussed her vision for wedding photos for months and I so badly wanted to capture the wedding photos she dreamed of.

During the getting ready portion of the wedding the rain was still coming down. The wonderful staff at the venue waited as long as they could before setting up the reception space indoors. Kris really wanted her ceremony outside under the beautiful palms. And as the time came for the ceremony the rained stopped. For just under an hour it completely stopped raining. It was PERFECT!!!! My wonderful couple had their dream ceremony outside under the palms. We were also able to venture out to the shore to take some amazing photos. What a blessing! I was so happy for them. It was a true wedding adventure. A big thanks to the Cheeca Lodge & Spa for being such an amazing venue to work with!

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